The Greatest Building in NYC (Hint: It’s Not in Williamsburg)

New York magazine’s latest issue is all about “the Greatest New York ______“, and one of the categories is the greatest New York building. A panel of architectural luminaries had this to say:

Q: Do you thing that anything new could ever compete with Grand Central for the title of best building?

[Winka] Dubbeldam: Sometimes I wonder why there is not more architectural ambition in the city. Look at the Williamsburg waterfront, where they changed the zoning and put up all these atrocious high-rises.

[Robert A. M.] Stern: These buildings are sold for their views. You’re paying for windows and a wall, and everyone is looking out all the time.

Dubbeldam: But they know people are looking at these things, right?

They don’t care, Winka.

P. S. – Winka and Barry Bergdoll went with the Whitney as the greatest NY building; the rest of the panel went with Grand Central (tough call – both wonderful buildings). Unfortunately, the discussion about greatest tower didn’t get very far. My vote is for the Cities Service Building at 70 Pine.